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Our executives are the pillars of our organization, bringing everyone together in unity and fellowship. They continue to lead the members and uphold the principles of the Peoples Club of Nigeria International, DFW (The Mercedes Benz Branch)

  • Hon. Peter I. Okafor

    ChairmanHon. Peter I. Okafor

  • Hon. Louis Okafor

    First Vice Chairman Hon. Louis Okafor

  • Hon. Chris Ogbuehi

    Second Vice Chairman Hon. Chris Ogbuehi

  • Hon. Chris Anyaibe

    Secretary Hon. Chris Anyaibe

  • Hon. Kenn Nwoke

    Assistant Secretary Hon. Kenn Nwoke

  • Hon. Edwin Emeanua

    Financial Secretary Hon. Edwin Emeanua

  • Hon. Emmanuel Udenkwo

    Asst. Financial Secretary Hon. Emmanuel Udenkwo

  • Hon. Lawrence Oliobi

    Treasurer Hon. Lawrence Oliobi

  • Hon. Elijah Ukoha

    Public Relation Officer Hon. Elijah Ukoha

  • Hon. Joe Okereke

    Asst. Public Relation Officer Hon. Joe Okereke

  • Hon. Patrick Alozie

    Protocol Officer Hon. Patrick Alozie

  • Hon. Polycarp Ohakwe

    Welfare Officer Hon. Polycarp Ohakwe

  • Hon. Aloysius Atuchukwu

    Asst. Welfare Officer Hon. Aloysius Atuchukwu

  • Hon. Frank Odueze

    Legal Adviser Hon. Frank Odueze

  • Hon.

    Assit. Legal Adviser Hon.

  • Hon. Hyacinth Onyekanne

    Chairman Emeritus Hon. Hyacinth Onyekanne

  • Hon. Onyekachi Okoro

    Chairman EmeritusHon. Onyekachi OkoroNational Vice President

  • Hon. Bernard Nwaiwu

    Chairman EmeritusHon. Bernard Nwaiwu

  • Hon. John Dim

    Hon. John Dim Secretary Emeritus